CNC technology is also part of the tubular manufacturing facility with its upgraded lines. Every procedure including shearing, bending, drilling  and welding is done as per the parameters exported from the engineering models directly to the machines ensuring precision and repeatability.

To be able to meet a wide range of demands, we work with CNC cutting edge technology. High tensile steel of up to 12 mts long by 18 mm thick is bent in our 1,200 ton capacity brake press.

For cutting 8.0 mm or thicker plates, we use oxygen cutting technology. For precision cutting we have a 24 mt long plasma machine.

As for drilling, we can handle up to 90 mm plates with our drilling line. Tubular structures of less than 50 cm in diameter are welded in our camera controlled automatic feed conveyor welding machine while materials of a bigger diameter are processed manually.

When a tubular product is manufactured for the first time, a prototype is first prepared, then evaluated. Mass production will only start when all possible problems are ruled out.

At a specialized workshop we take care of custom jobs everything from anchorage to the renewables of our own machines.