Vision, Mision, Policy

CORPORATE VISION: Supplying and rendering good quality and environment friendly products and services in compliance with the applicable standards, paying attention to the Labor Health and Safety for a sustainable world.

CORPORATE MISSION: Taking place among the pioneering companies  closely monitoring any scientific and technological developments in the communication and energy industry for the ultimate goal to furnish the customers with the environment friendly, good quality and reliable products in participation of all the stakeholders and employees, giving priority to the employee training, qualification and satisfaction through the business activities handled in consideration of the environmental effects as well as the labor health and safety risks involved in our products and facilities.

CORPORATE POLICY: Acting in strict compliance with the applicable laws and regulations applicable for the steel construction manufacturing and zinc coating in the industry of power production, transmission and communication, the Company realizes the supreme product and service approach at the ultimate level on the basis of the applicable national and international standards and rules.

The Company has established, and implements an integrated management system to prevent any possible contamination, pollution, injury, health problems and vocational diseases in adherence to the corporate goals and management approach, covering any possible risks and business activity related environmental effects.

We are determined to continuously improve our system by means of productive and efficient use of the experienced corporate workforce, technological substructure and material resources for the fast and reliable service and quality product delivery, and preserve the environment.

It is our corporate policy to fulfill the requirements of the Quality, Environment, Labor Health and Safety System standards, and enhance the satisfaction of our stakeholders, customers and employees with the ultimate goal of realizing the corporate targets and objectives.